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Through research, new website and extensive SEO strategy, we achieved some great results for Veriu

#1 to 3

Increased keyword rankings from and average of 68 to 327

2,391 to 8,630

Increase in total keywords

$3K to $14K

Increase in traffic value (according to Ahrefs reporting data)


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Veriu Hotel group

Your home away from home.

Veriu Hotel Group

Veriu are a bespoke collection of hotels, each unique, all designed to connect our guests with the true character of the local neighbourhoods they inhabit. Together with Punthill Apartment Hotels, Veriu has owned, operated and managed hotels in the Australian market for the last 30 years.

Coming just shy of 20 boutique hotels to choose from, Veriu Hotel Group have a vision to bring people together in new ways, to create lifelong travel memories that can’t be found in a guidebook and to help people discover the true experience of a place.

With the aim of expanding this to number to over 50 hotels in 5 years, Veriu decided their current online offering needed work.

Profiling and catering content to users

Through extensive workshopping, we determined that there are 5 main pillars to the Veriu customer: Leisure, Long stay, corporate, family and group. We developed a set of rules throughout the site that would profile a user and present content in a way that’s valid to them – corporate users would be presented with info on meeting rooms and business lounge, whereas a long stay user would see amenities for things like kitchenette and laundry services.

Increase in conversion by 300%

Since the launch of their site, we’ve monitored a huge increase in booking conversion through the site YOY. Although launched through a difficult period of COVID lockdowns and hotel booking restrictions, the Veriu website still saw its biggest booking month on record. We’re excited to see where this goes in the coming months and years as the general booking market stabilises.

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