Paid ads lead generation
Generating both B2B and B2C leads

Prices from:

  • $1,500 p/m
  • + no lock in contracts, we work month-to-month

What are the lead generation goals we focus on:

  • Driving high intent traffic
  • Drive high quality leads
  • Working with brands on sales process
Our methodology

Lead generation refers to creating a campaign that helps to generate leads that businesses can turn into sales. Currently we are running lead generation campaigns for our B2B clients and all of our property clients.
We use both paid and organic strategies to help our clients achieve the lead generation results they are after. We understand that eyeballs and clicks are great but we prefer to focus on the number of leads and the quality of those leads.

Our lead generation methodology is to give your customers what they want and make it easy for them to trust that you are the right business to give their details to. This means, removing the marketing fluff and getting down to it, we understand customers are time-poor so our strategy is always to make it so easy for them that it would be rude to not convert.

Our process to drive increased leads at a lower cost per lead is for our team to become an extension of the brand. We see ourselves as part of (or sometimes all of) the marketing team. Our role is to help businesses improve their bottom line, it is why all of our reports and conversations are centred around leads.

What we do
  • Ensure tracking is set up to correctly report on results
  • Pixel setup and management
  • Design and write your ads (meta, search, banner, shopping)
  • Believe in data and letting data inform our decisions
  • Setup and moderate ads
  • Weekly email reports with key stats and learnings
  • Regular contact via client (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) meetings
  • Educate our clients on the latest paid ads news
  • Base all decisions on bottom-line results
  • Generate leads
What we don’t do
  • Set and forget
  • Bid on your brand name for cheap wins
  • Rely just on search ads, we like to use PMAX, Social Media Ads
  • Offshore or outsource your work to another agency
  • Over-Promise or Underdeliver
  • Send you monthly automated reports
  • Hide real numbers behind vanity metrics
Our lead generation process
Account access

To run ads we first need access to your Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts. Our biggest tip here is never let an agency set up your account as an owner, that way if you ever leave them, they own your data and you’ll have to start again which can be very costly. We ensure you own your Google accounts and if needed can help you set them up and help you give us access to your Google accounts.

Account tracking and measurement

Arguably the most important phase of a successful Google Ads campaign tracking and measurement. It’s important because this powers the robot to understand the ad campaign objective. Using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager we set up your events and website conversions. We often find these are not set up correctly and are usually the cause of a lot of headaches.

Working with you, we determine your campaign KPIs and ensure we can track and report on your results.

Media plan and ad strategy

At this point we want to review the campaign objectives to help determine ad channels and ad spend.

Here we put together a media plan for each project and each campaign that highlights;

  • Channels
  • Spend
  • Estimated Clicks
  • Estimate Cost Per Click
  • Estimated Conversions
  • Estimated Cost Per Conversions
Ad design and ad copy

Once the tracking and ad set up is completed we need to work on the ad creative based on the approved media plan.
KISS – keep it simple (stupid). The ad copy and ad designs don’t need to be clever they just need to be direct and obvious.

Each campaign will require its own ad design and ad copy. Our paid ads design team will take your brand guidelines and design ads for each of our campaigns, based on the media plan.

All ads are designed and approved by the client before they are set live.

Moderation, management and reporting

We go the extra mile and send weekly reports. This highlights to our clients that we are always on the dials and looking at ways to improve your conversions. We moderate and optimise your ads weekly allowing us to be nimble enough to move fast when new learnings or trends come up.

Website conversion review

Each month we will review your website and offer advice on website updates to help generate more sales/leads. The objective of your paid ad campaign is to drive clicks to your website, and the objective of your website is to convert that traffic into sales/leads. Our goal as an extension of your team is to help highlight where the roadblocks are and suggest updates to help remove the campaign ovjective blockers.

Lead generation
Why we back ourselves when it comes to lead generation

We have worked across a large number of B2B and B2C campaigns with the intention of driving leads. We have amassed some great learnings over time which affords us the position of knowing what will and won’t work. Our motto at SOD is to keep things simple, by doing so, not only will the robots know what you’re trying to achieve (very important) but your potential leads will also be more clear about the value exchange.

Some of our recent lead generation wins
Lead generation FAQs