UI Design

Bringing your brand to life in the most usable way
User interface design
Bringing your brand to life in the most usable way

The heart of our UI design process is combining your brand identity with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Your brand elements are applied in the design phase while prioritising usability and accessibility. This blend creates a user experience that is engaging, aesthetically pleasing, and an embodiment of your brand.

Services we offer in UI design
High fidelity prototyping

We can take your design beyond static pages and into a detailed and interactive prototype. This allows for an accurate assessment of user interactions, perception of brand, and functionality. We can invest in creating and testing these hi-fi prototypes to give you a realistic preview of the end product and gather valuable feedback for refinement.

Quality assurance

Ensuring a seamless user experience is a top priority. Quality assurance involves testing to identify and rectify any inconsistencies or issues within the UI. Our dedicated team at SOD carries out thorough checks throughout both design and development stages, checking responsiveness, functionality, and overall performance, to provide to you a polished interface.

Asset assembly and optimisation

Once your website design is approved, we assemble and optimises all design assets, ensuring that they are web-ready and in the appropriate formats. This step streamlines the handoff to our development team and minimises loading times for a faster, more responsive interface.

Best practice visual UX conventions

To provide strong performing user experiences, we follow best practice visual User Experience (UX) conventions. This includes placing user-centric design elements, intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and consistent layouts that align with industry standards. The result is a UI that users can effortlessly navigate and interact with.

Best practice visual conventions for accessibility

Accessibility is paramount in modern UI design. We adhere to best practice visual conventions for accessibility to ensure that the interface is usable by a diverse audience, including users with disabilities. This includes using appropriate contrast ratios, providing alt-text to relevant images, and adhering to other up-to-date accessibility guidelines to ensure inclusivity.

Some recent UI projects we’ve worked on