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About us

Agency snapshot

10 years in operation

Beginning with 3 mates in 2014

No outsourcing here

Quality comes from inhouse teams who collaborate together

All are welcome

We are an inclusive workplace that strongly believes in the strength of diversity

56:44 male:female ratio

We’re striving for equal gender roles in a male dominated tech sector

4.5 day work week

Our agency closes at 1pm on Fridays

30+ staff

A fantastic mix of smart and talented individuals

Digital Marketing

Bald Eagle Illustration
Founder & Director / Bald Eagle
Panda Illustration
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist / Panda
Panther Illustration
Senior SEM Specialist / Panther
Wild Horse Illustration
Social Media Manager / Wild Horse
Highlander Cow Illustration
Social Media Manager / Highlander
Dinosaur Illustration
META Specialist / Dinosaur
Chicken Illustration
META Specialist / Chicken
Carabao Illustration
Google Specialist / Carabao

Design & research

Sloth Illustration
Founder & Director / Sloth
Meerkat Illustration
Design Lead / Meerkat
Mountain Goat Illustration
UI Designer / Wild Goat
Stag Illustration
UI Designer / Stag
Teacup Maltese Illustration
UI Designer / Teacup Maltese
Pangolin illustration
UX Designer / Pangolin


Bear Illustration
Managing Director / Bear
Wombat Illustration
Development Lead / Wombat
Penguin Illustration
Senior Web Developer / Penguin
Sunflower Illustration
Web Developer / Sunflower
Lemur Illustration
Web Developer / Lemur
Tarsier Illustration
Web Developer / Tarsier


Koala Illustration
SEO Lead / Koala
Otter Illustration
SEO Specialist / Otter
SEO Specialist / Mackaw

Project Management

Giraffe Illustration
Client Services Director / Giraffe
Duck Illustration
Project Delivery Director / Duck
Ostrich Illustration
Project Manager / Ostritch
Red Panda Illustration
Digital Account Manager / Red Panda
Frog Illustration
Project Manager / Frog
Kangaroo Illustration
Account Manager / Kangaroo
Digital Account Manager / Seahorse
We’re a passionate, creative, thought leading bunch of digital natives. There are 30+ full-time staff that work in-house at our Melbourne office and nationally across NSW and QLD.

We’re excited to work with you!