Social media paid ads management

Social media paid ads
Results-driven social media paid ads

Social media ads management prices from:

  • $1,500 ex GST p/m
  • + no lock in contracts, we can work month-to-month

Social media paid ad goals we focus on:

  • Perfect ad campaign set up
  • Increase ad engagement 
  • Driving cost per click down
  • Driving cost per conversion (lead/sale) down

Social media channels we work on:

  • Facebook (META)
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
Our methodology

First, we need to acknowledge the success of any ad campaign comes down to harnessing the robots that control your budgets.

Our social media methodology is based on running tactical ads that have a clear call to action and are purpose-driven (note we also do brand campaigns). The success of our campaigns is based on data proving that an always-on campaign is better than stop-starting, the reason being that when you start and stop campaigns, the robot (who has all the power) needs to re-learn again, and that costs money. An always-on campaign is constantly learning and doesn’t need to re-learn, so your budget is not wasted.

What we do
  • Ensure tracking is set up to correctly report on results
  • Pixel setup and management
  • Design and write your ads
  • Believe in data and letting data inform our decisions
  • Setup and moderate ads
  • Weekly email reports with key stats and learnings
  • Regular contact via client (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) meetings
  • Educate our clients on latest social media ad news
  • Base all decisions on bottom-line results
  • Generate leads and sales
What we don’t do
  • Set and forget
  • Offshore or outsource your work to another agency
  • Over-promise or underdeliver
  • Send you monthly automated reports
  • Hide real numbers behind vanity metrics
Social media ads process
Step 1: Grant us access

We will send a detailed email of all access we require. At this point our paid ads team will clean up any accounts where required and make sure all channels are set up correctly to help manage reporting and tracking of our digital campaigns.

If new accounts are needed we can help instruct on how to set these up so you own your ad accounts and grant us access.

Step 2: Tracking and measurement

We are working alongside robots and our first challenge is to ensure the robots know what we’re trying to achieve. The robots become our best allies because if the robots continue to hit our goals, it means we keep giving them work. It’s a win/win situation.

  • Ensure Google Analytics (GA4) is set up
  • Complete domain verification
  • Complete pixel setup
  • Ensure all tracking and events are set up correctly
  • Ensure pixels are set up and running to allow us to run an effective remarketing strategy
Step 3: Paid ads KPIs

This happens alongside tracking task above. We collectively agree to KPIs for each of the campaigns we are running. This will not only hold us accountable but also help to manage your expectations and inform our weekly reports.

Step 4: Media plan

Put together a media plan that highlights both the 1st and 2nd ad interactions for potential customers.
This media plan will also have KPIs and expected results, these expectations are based on experience with similar clients. Typically this would be based on actual results, which we can update once we have more access.

To complete this we will need access to your data, especially around;

  • Current CPC (cost per click)
  • Current website conversion rate (for the different objectives)
  • Current website ATV (average transaction value)
  • Current ROAS (return on ad spend)

All of these factors will help to shape a baseline for our campaigns and allow us to collaboratively determine realistic campaign goals and KPIs.

Step 5: Post click experience

Often a neglected part of the paid ads campaign. We place a lot of importance on this as for a campaign to be successful we must consider all customer touch points and interrogate each of them equally.
Being a data led agency, our team will be looking at your customer journey to see if there are updates we can recommend to help us meet our campaign goals before the campaign kicks off.

These could be simple quick updates or if the data suggests new content and pages.

Once the KPIs have been set, our team will review the customer journey to ensure the landing page is correct for the campaign and the landing page is designed/built for conversion.
Please note, different landing pages will be tested throughout this process.

Step 6: Social media paid ad designs

Ad designs are presented in a PDF format which highlights design and ad copy. These are mocked up in a mobile phone to help the person checking to understand where the ads will be seen.
No ads will go live unless they have been approved by you. Once ads are set up and live, a link to all ads for review is sent for the final live spot check.

Noting we design using Figma.

Step 7: Monthly social media ad management

Each month we will complete the following tasks with the sole objective of generating relevant and quality visits and leads.

The paid campaign is in a constant ‘test and learn’ stage where each month we are running ads to best evolve your campaigns. This campaign will be targeted at your audience with both human and robot learning to help optimise the campaign for success (leads).

Each month the following will be completed;

  • New ad designs based on data and ad fatigue
  • Ad setup; new social media ads
  • Manage and optimise ads
  • Landing page/website review and optimisation
  • Weekly topline report with key stats and learnings
  • Regular client meetings to talk through the social media ad campaign
Constantly evolving
Agency learning across 50+ ongoing paid ad client campaigns

With the paid ad landscape changing almost as often as you need to change your bed sheets, our team are required to be on the dials and to stay on trend.

Paid ads are a massive part of most marketing/advertising campaigns because the cost of entry to market is much lower than traditional advertising. With data privacy becoming tighter (rightly so) and different demographics engaging with different channels, we see paid ads as an always evolving space, in 5 years time we’ll probably be looking at ‘tap to shop’ whilst binging your favourite Netflix series. We’re not there yet, but it’s close.

This is why we don’t have a set and forget rack rate for paid ads, we treat each client differently and share learnings from the 50+ campaigns we are running at any one time.

Some of our recent social media ads
Social media paid ad FAQs