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InterCare Training
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InterCare is one of Australia’s largest providers of aged and disability care training. To enhance their online presence and improve conversion rates, they needed a new website that was accessible and streamlined for conversion. Our primary objective was to revamp their existing website, which was not generating high conversion rates, and bring it in line with their current brand image and future aspirations.

The challenge

Working with InterCare for quite a few years we were fortunate enough to win the website pitch to help design and develop a website that was purposefully fit to their business goals; our primary focus was on optimising the website for conversion.

The initial challenge is it’s a super competitive market with many companies offering similar outcomes. Our challenge was to help give user confidence that InterCare is the right choice to partner with for users education needs.

How we approach it

During the planning phase, we prioritised the conversion rate and developed a strategy to improve lead quality and quantity. Our UX and UI team worked hard on ensuring the user journey was mapped out and user-tested. This gave our solution more confidence before launching the website.

Thanks to our efforts, we were able to increase both the number and quality of leads generated through the website, leaving the client satisfied with our work. We currently manage several aspects of their digital marketing, including Monthly Website Updates, Monthly Google Ad Management, Monthly Social Media Ad Management, and Monthly SEO Management.

Let’s talk about the wins

We’re the life of the party, but our goal is to make sure the bottom line celebrates too!

High Conversion Rate

Successfully achieved a high website conversion rate, reflecting effective engagement and user interaction

Continuous Optimization

Utilized an always-on campaign alongside regular client meetings to ensure ongoing optimization and strategic alignment

Seamless Collaboration

Operated as an extension of the client’s team, facilitating seamless collaboration and enabling the implementation of meaningful website updates

Tangible Results

Generated tangible and measurable results, demonstrating the effectiveness of the combined approach in driving real outcomes

UX Research

How do we measure a successful campaign?


lower META cost per lead than industry standard


lower Google cost per lead than industry standard


website conversion rate


increase in organic leads

Tracking data

A major part of this website was GA4 Website Tracking and Management.

This required a lot of planning around which events needed to be tracked and also ensuring that we were able to track different customer journeys. This tracking has allowed us to make more informed UX/UI updates which have since seen even more conversions. This requires weekly sales client meeting and quarterly internal UX/UI meetings.

This lead generation website has adopted;

  • SEO First website to drive more organic (free) traffic to the site
  • UX and Ui built for lead generation
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager strategy
  • Form integration with third party CRM
What we do
We began our journey with SOD last year with a website refresh but have brought it to life over the last 5 weeks as they took over management of our SEM. Asantha is excellent and is delivering great business results in just these first 5 weeks. Its convinced me to get them involved in our social and I’m really looking forward to Byron can do when we start in a week or two. I hope to be posting another 5 star review here in a month or too.
– Julian Taylor, CEO
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