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Good Meal Co
Waking up a sleepy giant

SPC Care is an exceptional nutritional healthcare division that offers home meal delivery services through their brand, Good Meal Co. Their services cater to a wide range of individuals, including those who require support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and aged care recipients.

The challenge

Good Meal Co. is determined to spread the joy of food throughout Australia and provide the most delicious care meals to those in need. However, achieving this admirable goal proved to be quite challenging in a crowded and competitive market. The brand has faced difficulties in gaining awareness and penetrating the market effectively.

To conquer this challenge, four focal points were identified as the foundation of a dynamic digital strategy:

  • Educating users about the exceptional offerings.
  • Encouraging users to delve deeper and perform research.
  • Motivating users to try products.
  • Inspiring users to become loyal subscribers and brand advocates.
How we approached it

A comprehensive digital strategy was implemented, which included SEO optimization, paid advertisements, and engaging social media campaigns. These three elements work in synergy to increase brand awareness, foster meaningful engagement, and drive traffic to the website.


SEO optimisation

Focused on driving increased levels of organic traffic to the website. This was accomplished through effective content creation and technical SEO improvements which made Good Meal Co. more discoverable by search engines. The increase in organic traffic assisted Good Meal Co. in educating, encouraging and motivating users to try their products and sign up for offers.


Paid ads on Google and Facebook

These ads were geared toward capturing attention, generating interest, and driving traffic to the website. Using both targeted and remarketing ads, Good Meal Co.’s target audience was engaged at the top and middle of the sales funnel. This promoted consumer education, encouragement, and motivation in relation to Good Meal Co. product offerings.


Organic social media

Was used to support and reinforce the paid messaging and assist customers during their research phase. This content focused on driving engagement through social proof and not only motivating new customers, but also inspiring existing users to become loyal subscribers and brand advocates.

We drive real results

Good Meal Co. has strengthened its position in a competitive market through enhanced brand visibility and persuasive content driving purchases.




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