Becoming the no. 1 active dog food brand.


Power their ultimate performance.


Eukanuba is a global leader in the premium dog food market, with a focus on nutritional science to optimise the performance and well-being of pooches around the world. An ambitious goal that has been clear since the brand’s inception, as ‘Eukanuba’ is derived from jazz music and means ‘supreme’. So, when it came to optimising their digital presence, it was no surprise they were after something exceptional.

The challenge

The digital landscape for the health and well-being of pets, particularly dogs, was awash with misinformation and misleading content. Eukanuba wanted to be seen as an authority regarding ‘health through nutrition’ when it came to active dogs.

To achieve this, a multichannel digital marketing strategy was required, with a focus on growing brand awareness and positioning Eukanuba as the premier active dog food brand.

How we approached it

Organic social media:

  • Pet care professionals were engaged to bolster post content with authoritative proofing.
  • Puppy care content was highlighted as a primary focus, as this would enable Eukanuba to initiate long-term relationships and provide support to pet owners as early as possible.
  • Listening and responding to social media comments to foster customer service and bolster community relationships.


Paid ads:

  • Utilised learnings from organic social posts to create effective ad content and boost posts with proven community reach.
  • Retargeting ads were employed to drive conversions and ensure that customers at the top of the funnel were engaged.
  • Google ads utilised learnings and iteration to optimise targeted keywords and search terms to increase impression share and drive more traffic to the website.



  • Created content based on the E-E-A-T model (“Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.”) to ensure Google’s search evaluator guidelines were being met.
  • Employed data reviews and learnings to increase organic traffic on Eukanuba sites in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and France.

We drive real results

Great content and ads helped Eukanuba become a trusted source on dog nutrition


increase YoY with post comments


traffic $0.49 cheaper than industry average


increase YoY in organic social media reach


increase YoY with organically generated traffic

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