Organic social media management

Organic social media management
Helping brands manage their social media presence

Organic social media prices from:

  • $2,500 ex GST p/m*
  • *depends on amount of work required

What are the organic social media goals we focus on:

  • Post engagement rate
  • Community growth

Organic social media channels we manage:

  • Facebooks
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
Our methodology

The power of social media is 40% posting content, 40% listening and responding, and 20%, dare I say it, content creators (influencers). We harness this power in our approach, as we believe that above all, engagement matters.

We help brands stay authentic and create content that becomes an integral part of your customers’ purchase journey, rather than chasing the next viral moment. Typically customers will use social media as a research tool, and this is why it’s critical for all brands to deliver content with the purpose of encouraging users to their end goal.

Our organic social media methodology revolves around the reason why customers use social media – to stay connected, do research, and engage with brands/people that align to their core values.

What we do
  • Design and write posts
  • Schedule and/or post content
  • Listen and respond on behalf of the brand to community questions
  • Test and learn content, channels and update social media strategies as data suggests
  • Monthly reports on KPIs and deliverables
What we don’t do
  • Outsource work
  • Manage photoshoots and video shoots
  • Post or listen/respond outside of business hours
  • Promise a million followers in 6 months
Social media management
Social media playbook

Good or bad, we all live on social media, meaning social feeds are cluttered. Social media isn’t about how many times you post or what time you post, it’s all about creating high quality engaging content that offers value to your customers. That’s why having a social media content strategy is important. Our approach is to create content that matters, so first we need to understand the brand and customers. Our team will put together a social media playbook that highlights content buckets relevant to your user base, and brings them to life through examples showcasing the post tonality and design.

Engagement matters

With everyone claiming to be social media experts, we instead like to call ourselves ‘engagement masters’. We much prefer to focus on engagement as it plays a big role in social media algorithms, so the more engagement your post can get organically (not paid for), the better chance it has of reaching more people organically, even ones that sit outside of your followers.

Instagram bonus tip

Likes are dead. Please don’t focus on likes, the metrics you want to be focusing on are; comments, shares, and saves. Saves are what is known as a SUPER LIKE. The more of those your content can get the better.

What does this mean? Well, create content that is meaningful and that users want to see and your content will reach more people.

Social media content creation

Our social media gurus work collaboratively with each of our clients to make sure all content is aligned with brand purpose before being posted. We like to work a few weeks in advance, but our team is nimble enough that if content requires a quick turnaround, we can also manage that.

Creating social media content consists of: designed posts; photoshoots; video shoots; and working with influencers to create user-generated content.
We have tools in place to allow our clients full visibility and approval of their upcoming posts, but we handle the stress of posting all content either natively or through a scheduling platform such as Sprinklr or Agora.


Listening and responding

We place a huge emphasis on listening and responding as customers want communication in a timely manner.

Customer expectations are pretty insane right now and we blame the likes of AirBnB, UberEats etc. Customers expect to click and be served, this is the reality we now live in. So with that, our team makes sure that all comments and messages are responded to within 3 hours each day during business hours, and utilise out-of-office autobot tools to assist to either answer the query or help the customer know that we will respond in the morning.

Your social media needs to act and work the same as a normal store would – if a customer came into a store and asked you a question, you wouldn’t take 3 days to respond, you would respond as quickly as possible.

Influencer marketing

The more people talking about your brand/product/service, the more social proof you gain. Social proof plays an important role on the path to purchase. Our team will help leverage relevant micro and macro influencers that are the right fit for your brand, and liaise with them to ensure they have what they need to create content that will elevate your brand’s online presence.

Getting your social media right can mean the difference between success or failure
Importance of social media

Understanding how and why people use social media is an important first step to setting your social media KPIs.

Typically, customers will use social media as a research tool to see if they align with the brand, see what others have to say about the brand, and is sometimes the final place of research before they commit to becoming a lead or a sale.

Our advice is to take social media seriously and lean into how powerful social proof is. With that we suggest your social media should factor in;

  • Content that encourages engagement and discussion
  • Content that is fresh and on brand
FAQs for social media management