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Building a Pet Hub That Matters

ROYAL CANIN® Australia and New Zealand are Australia’s leading premium dog and cat food brand owned by MARS Australia. ROYAL CANIN® sells pet food that is formulated off scientific research that understands every breed is unique. A truly incredible brand that literally puts all dogs and cats health and nutrition at the forefront of every decision they make.

Pet Owners Want to be Educated

Increased engagement through interactivity.
Using print collateral designed and created by The Reactor, we needed to redesign for the web an interactive page where new pet owners for puppies and kittens could engage with ROYAL CANIN®. These pages were designed for desktop and mobile and allow pet owners to get a better understanding of what they need to prepare before bringing home their new family member. A fun little project that required UI/UX, web development and SEO.

Royal Canin

Increased engagement through interactivity


increase in website conversions


increase in organic traffic

No. 2

Ranked position 2 for the highly competitive keyword term ‘Persian Cat Food’

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