The only bad taco is the one you didn’t eat

Fonda Mexican

Fonda’s digital strategy led to a significant rise in bookings for tables and functions, significantly increasing awareness and reach.

Over 40,000

transactions and counting

ROAS 5.2

Resturn on actual spend for social media ads

Over 1 million

TikTok video views ($0.003 per view)

Did someone say spicy Margs?

Fonda is another Australian food and beverage success story. Taking inspiration from Mexican tradition, ‘Fonda’s’ are homes opened up by families to provide good food and company within their community. When you step into a Fonda, you’re visiting a home, the soul of a community where folks leave with full hearts, fuller bellies and, if necessary, full takeaway containers.

The challenge

With any food and beverage restaurant, the aim is to drive more bookings, more functions and more online orders. This is always a challenge, particularly in the hyper-competitive Melbourne and Sydney markets. Staying relevant and ensuring that consumers understand the offering are two crucial elements for achieving success with a digital strategy in the F&B restaurant industry.

Our approach

A multi-channel paid ads campaign was devised, and employed fun and compelling content across TikTok, Google and Meta.

TikTok was utilised as an ‘always on’ brand awareness campaign, focused on cost-effective-reach. The video-only format of the social media platform, coupled with its explosive rise in popularity with younger users, made it a perfect fit for one arm of the awareness campaign.

Meta ads also focused on brand awareness and sought to increase Fonda’s reach with the 25-45 demographic. Reach and thru-plays were the key metrics of the campaign and ensured that the creative content was on point.

Google ads were employed to drive traffic from keywords related to function booking, table booking/online orders and brand terms. Meeting users with effective copy at the start of their search phase was crucial to a well-rounded campaign.

Some of our recent work