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Since 2010, DITC has been thoroughly searching the underground storage areas of renowned winemakers around the world. They collaborate with Australia’s most captivating producers and importers to source wines that capture the essence of a specific moment and location, ranging from the chilly, moist cellars of Europe to the well-known wine routes in Australia. DITC is passionate about discovering these wines and sharing them with you.

The challenge

Selling wine in Australia sounds like it should be a straightforward task. But the task becomes significantly harder when you factor in the competition of over 2,000 retail liquor businesses and then add nationwide lockdowns. DITC was struggling to gain market penetration and wanted to reach more consumers to promote its online offering. The key consideration was to keep the ads casual and focused on the product offering to ensure wine lovers recognised a convenient opportunity.

Our approach

Utilising assets created by the Studio of Design and Art, advertising collateral was created for paid ad campaigns to run on Google and Meta. Given that these ads operate on a pay-per-click basis, it was imperative to be clear and obvious about the offering being advertised. After an initial iterative phase, it was determined that ads focussing purely on product and price attracted users with higher intent to the website.

We drive real results

DITC’s campaigns delivered significant benefits

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