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Royal Canin
Increased followers from 3,000 to 32,000

Royal Canin, a leading dog food brand, has partnered with us to increase brand awareness, penetration, and positive recognition. Our organic social media management has been crucial in achieving these goals. We collaborated on a social media playbook that helps the brand respond to all types of messages with the appropriate tone.

How we approached it

We created and manage ROYAL CANIN®’s social media channels, ensuring timely posts that position the brand as the leading premium pet food brand in Australia and New Zealand. Our daily tasks include listening and responding to questions, creating posts, posting to designated channels, and working with digital influencers in both countries. Our social media moderation ensures that the brand tonality is consistent across all channels, private groups, and customer communications.

5 year partnership and going…

Over the past five years, we have built a strong online presence for the Royal Canin brand and established an excellent partnership. We manage the community with great care, responding promptly to all queries and feedback, and providing A+ community management.

Royal Canin social media

Achieving organic social media success together

10% Average Engagement Rate

Demonstrates strong audience interaction

2 Posts Per Day

Ensures consistent visibility and engagement

Influencer surprise gifting

Enhances brand advocacy and reach

ROAS 10.46


1 hour response time

Reflects prompt and attentive customer service

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