Our websites work to 4 main pillars

We’ve been sharpening our digital tools over the past 8.5 years, allowing us the time to refine our website process and methodology into the bulletproof approach it is today. We have built over 400 websites, host 365 websites and 49 clients are on extensive website care plans.

By far our strongest skill is our attention to detail. Ensuring that our websites meet high accessibility standards and are built to be search engine friendly. A lot of effort has gone into building out our secure framework that enables website flexibility and scalability, via an intuitive and easy to use CMS.

We have considerable experience across many industries and verticals; Education, Government, Not-For-Profit, Disability and Aged Care, Hospitality, and Property.

SEO first
SEO First means you’re always more visible to your users

SEO First ensures your website has considered SEO led data to help inform what pages, content and page structure are required to fully optimise your build. This task looks at the health or your Google Juice (where you currently sit) to help migrate your Google legacy efforts into your new website.

This process ensures both robots (Google) and humans are able to understand, navigate and convert.

Accessibility a must
Roughly 20% of Australia’s population have some form of disability.

Having a mindfully inclusive website ensures that everyone can use your website no matter what their ability is. We’re incredibly passionate about creating digital products that are inclusive and accessible for as wide an audience as possible.
We see this being a non-negotiable and would be executing a website that meets A level WCAG accessibility requirements. We can increase this to AA or AAA if required.

User Centric Design
At its core, a website is a tool created to solve a problem for a user.

Website are a tool created to solve a problem for a user. As SOD we fully understand the need for a website and its purpose. Through our process of data driven design, it allows us to uncover your audiences wants and needs, giving you a design that meets and exceeds user expectations.

Designed by data
All decisions we make are informed by data.

Our aim is to gather as much data as possible to help inform our decisions and minimise assumptions on how users will interact with your website . This involves an initial review of all available website data (eg. analytics, market research, social media data) and looking at what gaps we can fill by engaging with real users and other stakeholders on the project. Then testing these assumptions is a crucial step in the process.

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