There it is!

Connoisseur Icecream
A product showcase so good you’ll want to lick the screen
A product showcase so good you’ll want to lick the screen

Being Australia’s leading brand in premium ice cream, Connoisseur specialise in creative ingredient combinations crafted for the Australian palate. They source ingredients and inspiration from the most far away locations on Earth in search of the highest quality inclusions, delivering an exciting and luxurious taste experience for true ice cream lovers.

Being both functional and “lickable” at the same time

Through extensive workshopping and speaking and testing with real users, we were able to determine the core reasons users were visiting the website. Our task was to then ensure the final product was optimised for usability, whilst also strongly projecting the brand and story of Connoisseur ice cream.

So what’s the scoop?

The final product is optimised for both SEO and accessibility, meaning more users can find it and more users can, well, use it. Data is suggesting that a healthy number of users are converting over to the various stockists links provided on the site and we can see that users are exploring multiple flavours when browsing the site. Direct spikes in traffic and conversion can be seen that correlate with various marketing campaigns, showing us that things are humming along nicely.

What a cooool project to work on!

  • Workshopped and gained insights from Stakeholders
  • Our decisions were supported by collated user research
  • Core user goals were identified and mapped out
  • Conceptual artwork was created in collaboration with the Peters team to ensure the design told the Connoisseur story
  • Site was launched with an extensive 301 redirect strategy. This ensured an updated site structure didn’t affect current, strong Google rankings
Multiple images of mobile screens displaying images of ice creams
A website homepage featuring a tub of ice cream
Some of our recent work